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How To Save Money On Home Insurance

Colleen Hutchens

December 21, 2022

Looking to save money on your home insurance? Here are a few tips from our home insurance coverage experts in Patchogue, NY to help lower your annual premium costs:

Analyze your deductible

Is your deductible $500 or $1000, consider raising it to $2500. On average, most people save about 10% by raising the deductible alone. Before making this change, ensure that you financially can pay the bigger out-of-pocket expense if you have a claim.

Bundle your Home & Auto

By bundling your home and auto policies together, you’re able to receive a discount to save even further. This is one of the easiest ways to save money, and some companies will also provide a discount by adding an umbrella policy - get covered for more and save more! Our personal insurance coverage specialists in Patchogue, NY can review your policies and see if bundling can save you money.

Secure your home

With home insurance, most companies offer discounts for having a central alarm system. These systems report straight to your local Police and/or Fire Department and are professionally monitored systems. By protecting your home, you are also saving on your insurance.

Sign Up for Automatic Payments

Most insurance companies will give you a discount for signing up for automatic payments. These payments can be done via credit cards or by EFT from your bank account. Typically, you’ll save more by signing up for automatic EFT payments versus a credit card - but all savings add up!

Go Paperless

Looking to help the environment while saving money? By going paperless, all correspondence from your insurance company will be delivered to your email instead of you receiving a paper copy. This discount helps decrease paper clutter while saving you money.

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