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Saving Money With Usage Based Insurance

Rick Braile

April 27, 2017

What is usage based insurance?

Many auto insurers now offer discounts in exchange for good driving habits that are monitored through a device that plugs into the OBD port on your car and transmits vehicle use data to the insurance company. This is sometimes referred to as telematics. Data may include information such as the time of day a vehicle is driven, rapid acceleration, hard braking, vehicle speed and the number of miles driven. If, after a trial period, the data indicates that the vehicle is operated safely, a discount will be applied to your premium. One company that offers such a program is the New York Central Mutual Insurance Company ( based in Edmeston, NY. Their program, known as inControl, uses information technology to promote safe driving by monitoring the way a vehicle is driven. In addition to monitoring safe driving factors, inControl provides the additional benefit of “teenage driver coaching” in which parents receive information on braking and acceleration, vehicle use times and driving boundaries which can be used to monitor the driving of household members.

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